The Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 puts an onus of responsibility on local authorities to ensure that they operate a register of people seeking to locate a serviced plot that they could then build a house on via self build or custom build and cutting out the normal house builders. This register must be publicised and must also be taken  into consideration when developing the local plan and call for sites.

Essentially. they must ensure that there are enough plots brought to market for that purpose. 

Cherish Homes can help educate local landowners as to the benefits of releasing plots to homebuyers directly rather than selling whole sites to house builders who pay them less for the site and then often sell the houses slowly in small phases in order to keep the house prices up.

We can also help local authorities develop the innovative methods suggested to be adopted by the Government to develop this much needed segment to the housing market and help bring more control of housing supply and build back to the people and the local authority they elect rather than just suit the profits of the mass house-builders.

With Cherish Homes

  • A local authority can satisfy their legal requirements under the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015
  • Landowners can make more money than selling to a mass housebuilder
  • Homebuyers can buy a great plot of the size they want and then build the house that they want on that plot - no more postage stamp gardens and layouts that dont work for them

We welcome local authorities to contact us to discuss how we can help solve your area's housing shortage. Please enquire below :

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