You have a great site for housing, it may even have outline or full planning permission but you don't like the house-builders and would rather develop it yourself but you don't know where to start and you don’t want the usual development head-ache and huge amount of work.

Well, you have found the right partner for a better and easier solution than selling your land to a house builder or developing the whole site yourself. It’s called ‘serviced plots’ and there is a lot less development work to do and we can organise that for you in any case. Once the plots are serviced with roads and power etc you can sell them to custom homebuyers who will order a high quality eco-home from us to be built on the plot  

Our process is Government backed in the latest Housing White Paper, planners love the concept and also local authorities have targets to hit for releasing plots for sale to self-builders and custom-builders (what's the difference between self and custom build?).

Enquire now to see if we can help you develop and sell your land.