You have a great site for housing, it may even have outline or full planning permission but you don't like the housebuilders underbidding for it and would rather develop it yourself than just sell the land cheaply but you don't know where to start.

Well, you have found the right partner that can help you achieve both a better price and also help local home buyers design and build the house of their dreams. Where's the catch ?  Well the big house builders have to be cut out of the equation, that's the catch but that doesnt sound too bad does it if the rest of us win ? And it's even Government backed in the latest Housing White Paper, planners love the concept and also local authorities have targets to hit for releasing plots for sale to self-builders and custom-builders (what's the difference between self and custom build?).

So how can Cherish Homes help you get better value for your land than that offered by your local developer/ house builder and yet still deliver a better product and great value to home buyers ? 

Look at a simple example; house builders like to buy outline planning permissioned sites instead of the site coming with full planning for houses that they don't want to build. It also means the land is cheaper and can make more profit. They may offer to pay say £75k per housing plot with outline planning. Worse, if the site doesn't have planning permission they may ask to 'option' the site from you for say £10k overall and then pay for all the planning themselves and if they get it then they pay you a total of say just £30k a plot. Not very good and heads they win, tails they don't lose much.

Yet the UK has a huge shortage of custom build plots for people who don't want the usual 'box' from house builders, so look at it another way, obtain your own outline planning permission for the site (we can help) and put in site services like roads, power and water (we can introduce those contractors and project managers) and then sell the plots to homebuyers who want to put their own house design on the plot (we can help). That is getting more and more common nowadays, it's government backed, and with local authorities having to ensure availability of land plots for custom builders.

When you cut out a developer you may also get better value for the land whilst delivering a better deal to home buyers.

Enquire now to see if we can help you achieve better value for your land.