People do sometimes get confused by the two terms so we explain more below.

Self Build

Nowadays self build is defined as rolling your sleeves up and doing a lot of the hard work; finding all the subcontractors, finding architects, finding a plot, often doing a lot of the site work like bricklaying, kitchen and bathroom fitting, windows and even roofing. It's a lot of hard work and yet until recently the UK didn't offer much choice if you wanted a house to suit you not the developer and it was either this or buying a standard low-quality box from a housebuilder. That is now changing.

Custom Build

House being constructed in a high-tech factory - "off-site" manufacture

House being constructed in a high-tech factory - "off-site" manufacture

In the UK just 10-15% of houses are self build or custom build (most is self build) and with all the hard work described above you can see why, its slow and painful and what about the day job or skills required ?

In fact in the UK there are still very few custom build houses delivered each year, just self build mainly. Yet in Europe it's different, it's normal for a homebuyer to buy a plot and then commission a house to be built on it (under a fixed price contract) and for that house to be built mostly in a factory before being delivered to site. In some countries 90% of all houses are sold this way ! Custom build can be as simple as buying a plot from a custom build plot seller and then designing a house (or customising an existing design a little), submitting planning for the final house, signing a fixed price order and then waiting three months for its delivery on the back of a few lorries and then built on site in four to ten weeks. Just look at it happen below with a house from one of our housing manufacturer partners. No wonder custom build is set to be the housing delivery method of the future and has strong government backing.