We and our specialist partners can help you with some or all of the following...

  • Decide if your site has value to individual homebuyers searching for a serviced plot on which to build their ideal house, within your constraints and those of the planners

  • Analyse the best combination of housing to put on your site for an ideal balance of home buyer demand and profit

  • Help you get planning or adjust planning to suit the local market

  • Develop a range of house designs for your site that can inspire homebuyers

  • Produce all of the marketing collateral and list your houses and plots on Rightmove and Zoopla etc

  • Handle sales enquiries for plots and standard house designs

  • Customise those designs or even start from scratch for homebuyers with particular ideas in mind

  • Submit detailed planning for each house and get signed off for Building Regulations

  • Organise the services to the plots including roads, power, water, lighting and pavements

  • Organise the foundations for each house

  • Introduce specialist mortgage brokers who can provide any finance required (and it may not be in some cases) to help you do all this and to help homebuyers with the finance they need to buy the plot and site

  • Introduce the project manager for the site

  • Project manage the house construction and delivery of keys to each buyer

The end result ? You get a fair price versus the paltry sums offered by house builders and their lost profit helps home-buyers get a fantastic quality home at a great price too.

You know it makes sense, just fill in our form and we will call straight back to see if we can help.